Ads & Ad Groups

Overall Thoughts

This topic came as a surprise to me this week. I always thought creating ads was just a way to show your product or business. But, there is much more thought that goes into it! Creating and editing successful text ads is a much deeper thought process than I originally imagined. Here’s some things to look out for.

What makes a successful ad?

When writing an ad, there are many things to consider. Such as highlighting uniqueness, including prices and promotions, empowering customers to take action, and more that we will touch on later in this post. A successful ad grabs the attention of possible customers or clients, and pulls them in. The ad needs to be simple and easy to understand. But, also not so simple that you can’t tell what the product is. An ad also has eye drawing colors and easy to read font type. Making sure you have these things in your ad is so important! Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask your self: “what would appeal to me as a customer of this business?” Now, let’s talk about making a good ad.

Highlighting Uniqueness

Make sure that your ad shows that your business is unique. What makes it different from all of the others like it out there? Do you have free shipping? Do you have a shocking variety? Products or other offers that make you more competitive? Put them on the ad! Ads are all about drawing people in.

Prices, Promotions, & Exclusives

If you are planning on having good prices, promotions, and exclusives, you can show it in your ad. Customers often look at ads and weigh the decision in their mind whether they need your product or not. But they do need it (in your eyes at least)! So help make the decision for them. Give them what they need to make the decision to visit your site.

Empower Action

Give your customers the power to take action. Give them every opportunity to feel that they have all the facts. Tell them what they can buy. Tell them how they can contact you. Use different calls to action. What do I mean by this? Use words and buttons that say things such as “purchase”, “call today”, “order”, “browse”, “sign up”, or “get a quote”. These words tend to draw attention and draw in customers. Give the customers the power. You’ll be grateful you did!


Last week’s post explained keywords. Well, in this weeks post, we are including them in our ads. And it is smart if you do! Including at least one of your keywords shows the relevance of the ad to your product, a.k.a. what people want. This can ad to the simplicity factor of your ads – it’s straight and to the point.

Matching Ads to Landing Pages

Your landing page is the page that you’re linking to the ad. It’s the first thing people are going to see when they click on the ad. Make sure that they match. People see the ad, and they might be confused or less interested when they see that the landing page doesn’t quite match the ad or the theme it gave off. If you put promotions or products on the ad, make sure you’re also showing those promotions or products on the landing page. People might leave your site if they aren’t seeing what they expected to see.

Appealing to Mobile Customers

In today’s day and age, everyone and there dog have a smart phone, tablet, or other mobile devices. So, it’s important that you appeal to them. Personally, I see more ads on my smartphone than I do on my computer, I even click on more ads on my smart phone than on my computer. Again, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Think about what they would be seeing your ad on. In addition to this, putting a phone number on your ad gives customers the power to call you. Mobile ads are one of the best ways to get your business the recognition it needs.

Wrapping Up

Now that we have the basics of a good ad, it’s time to experiment. Create a few ads, three or four, and use different messages. These ads all together are an ad group. Keep track of which ads in the group are the most successful and use those. Make sure you are also paying attention to common ad mistakes. Make sure everything is clear, your URLs are working, there’s no awkward spacing or extra capitalization.

You do not need to use each and every one of these basics. Don’t clutter your ad. Remember, simplicity is key- get the message across. But, not too simple. Find a good balance. Now go create create your ads!


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